Spa Treatments

Teen Facial
Extreme Hydration
Back Facial
Sensitive Skin
Acne Clearing Facial
Pumpkin Enzymes
Detoxifying Seaweed
Anti-free Radical
Rosacea Be Gone
Luxury Facials
Oxygenation Facial
Luminous Vitamin C with Seaweed
Pigment Lightening
Flax-c Anti Aging
Luxurious Caviar
Add Ons
Kombucha Mask
Biocellulose Anti-aging Mask
Kiwi & Cucumber Cold Modeling Mask
Collagen Complex
Elastin Complex
Propolis Complex
Nourishing Sheet Mask
Special boosters that can be added to any Estrela facial


Specialty Peels
Firming Enzyme Peel
Glycolic Peel Level 1
Glycolic Peel Level 2
Lactic Acid Peel
Mango Brite Peel
Modified Jessner’s Peel
Power Peptide Resurfacer
Pumpkin Peel Level 1
Pumpkin Peel Level 2
Pumpkin Enzyme
Salicylic Resurfacer
Skin Brite Peel
TCA Peel
Retinol Solution
Mandelic peel
C-infusion peel
Peels are individually done and take between 30-40 minutes. Peels may be done during lunch breaks or as quick fixes. Peels can be combined with any Estrela facials.
Clinical Peels
4% Retinol
Detox Gel

Softens skin while allowing impurities to purge easily

PCA is acknowledged in prominent medical text books as the originator of modified and enhanced Jessner’s chemical peel formulas. PCA SKIN remains the trusted health care industry leader in the development of professional treatments

Hair Removal

Complete Body
Individual Patches
Lower & Upper Arm
Full Arm
Lower Leg
Upper Leg
Complete Leg
Half Chest
Full Chest
Upper Back
Lower Back
Complete Back
Brow Sculpting & Shaping
Lip & Brow
Lip, Brow & Chin
Lip & Chin
Sides of Face
Full Face
String Bikini
Barely There Bikini

Lashes & Brows

Lash Enhancement
Individual Lashes (5 or less)
Full Set (both eyes)
Eyelash Strips
Wing Strips (half strips)
Tinting & Henna
Brow Tinting
Lash Tinting
Brow Henna (30m)
Brow Henna
Lash Lifting
Lift & Curl
Eyelash Lift, Curl &Tint
Eyelash lifting is a professional treatment done to curl and lift your natural lashes. We use Ellebana one shot lash lifting system. This treatment lasts up to 12 weeks. All of our estheticians are certified Ellebana experts.


Relax & Release Massage
1 Hour

Your therapist will come up with a custom massage that tailors your exact needs. A combination of a light-firm Swedish massage with integrated trigger point release therapy, myofascial release, and stretching to ease and relieve areas of muscle tension. The long and flowing strokes from the Swedish style massage encourages circulation to enhance overall health and well-being.

Cupping Therapy Massage
1 Hour
Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique where cups are placed on areas of your body where your muscle fascia is tightly bound. The cups force suction to those areas pulling up any stagnant blood and toxins from deep within your muscles. When the blood is pulled to the surface and released from within your muscles, new healthy blood may begin to flow through muscles which will increase circulation and range of motion. The suction will also force your bound fascia to release allowing your therapist to focus in on those muscles trapped underneath. Cupping therapy is used integrated into the Relax & Release massage for stubborn muscles causing chronic pain.


In Salon 1 hr Wedding Trial
In Salon Wedding Day (per person)

Wedding day location pricing will be determined privately with the bride before the wedding day.

Price will reflect the number of people and travel cost. If eyelashes are included, a small additional fee will be applied.

Special Occasions
Special Occasions
Prom Special
Standard 1hr Make Up Application
Two Hour Make-Up Instruction